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I went to the Power station last night to see Todd. The Power station is an iconic rock club venue in Mt Eden with a long history of international acts. It however fell into the hands of a manager who run it as a techno disco for a few years before being bought back to its original purpose about a year ago.

Its a very nice club, black decor with mood lights and a wide nice bar in the back. It has a capacity (downstairs and small upstairs area) of approx 700 people. I got there about 35 minutes before the show to find only a few people. But that soon changed and the place began to fill up.

Im guessing there were 200 - 300 people there last night. I talked to a few people before and after the show who have been listening to todd since the 70s.

The show rocked. Todd was in a good mood and having fun. You know the set list from previous shows, but we didnt get Tiny demons. We did however get what he refered to a radio hit here in New Zealand 'Can we still be friends!' (Todd on Keys with band playing) as the first song of the encore. Very cool.

Just to show you how appreciative this audience was, I only heard one person talking very briefly during the entire show and she was with 3 friends dancing nearly the whole time! Every song got lots of applause. A beavy of 20+ Kiwis hung around after the show and Todd signed records/Cds and posed for photos.

By the way, The band local NZ boys (Bruce Carr on Bass and Leyton Greenie (I think thats his last name) Drums) were amazing, they nailed every song played tonight and only had to start one twice (Crossroads) because the tempo was a little fast. Amazing that they could learn all that music in such a short time!

Highlights for me were 'Black Maria' 'Mystified/Broke down and busted' and the 'Wheel!' that Todd came back for playing solo for the still cheering crowd (a second encore) and played on butters.

I was amazed (because I didnt really know how many people in the audience knew his songs) and pleased that almost everyone began clapping in unison at the appropriate moment to join in with the Wheel.


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9/24/2010 - The Powerstation - Auckland, New Zealand

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