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As a long time verteran of Todd/Utopia fandom (as are many of the attendees at these events), I have to say that this show ranks among the best that I have seen. What a treat Todd has given us by performing some of his greatest material in its entirety. Having attended the AWATS show in Stamford, which of course included the Utopia "reunion" set (sans Willie), I believe this show may have surpassed that terrific experience. TODD has always been one of my "go to" albums, and it was a pleasure to hear and see live. The players handled the sometimes difficult material/transitions with great aplomb. Sure some will find imperfections, but that is just the nature of performing live - period. Of course, the HEALING portion of the show was equally brilliant, and as described in others reviews, the sing along to 1984 was quite moving. On the way home, my friends and I reveled in what we had just experienced, and talked of what might possibly come next. I'm loving this recent format of Todd performing his classic works in their entirety and hope that the trend continues. Truly, as we all know, Todd is greatly underappreciated -- but not by those of us who are tapped into the phenomenon that is Todd Rundgren. Thank you Todd for all you have given us, and for being "the soundtrack to our lives" (unknown interviewee on ToddCast).

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9/15/2010 - Mayo Performing Arts Center - Morristown, NJ

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