Todd @ Morristown, Mayo

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My 49th Todd show (first show in 1978), my first posted review. Thank you Rundgren Radio, thank you Todd/Kaz, expanded and core band. And of course TR Connection.

This year's Todd/Utopia tours, & AWATS, are among the many other R&R groups I have seen. I have a Ziplock bag of ticket stubs of the many concerts I have been to since 1978. Jazz, Rock, Space, Acid, Grateful Dead, New Wave, Punk, Reggae, ZAPPA, went with many friends and made many friends. But these performances are the most stellar, unpretensious, professional and memorable of them all.

Even my 25 yr old nephew's first Todd show, Johnson Tour CT, left him speechless. Funny how one TODD/HEALER review mentioned Bruce Springsteen because that is his #1 performer, but now, not soooo sure.

Need to get him into another show... that would be made MUCH easier if a DVD box set of these tours were made available.

They are already recorded for PPV and even though there may be imperfect performance moments, that makes it the more dear.

That is my wish for Santa this year (lol), the DVD box set live -- and of course PEACE.

See you next year Todd/everyone, and Happy Holidays

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9/15/2010 - Mayo Performing Arts Center - Morristown, NJ

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