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Hi my name is Jen

So when I found out that Todd was doing two,TWO of his old albums I didn't believe my eyes. Happy....ecstatic....someword/anyword really can't describe how awesome of an experience it was. I may have been the youngest fan there; I'm 23. I've been to about 7 shows of Todd's now. So I'm a just a baby Todd fan admittidly (but Be Nice To Me ;-) I'm an old soul.)

Having said all that, I've heard at least every solo album of his, except Todd Rundgren's Johnson and Healing is and remains my favorite album bar none. So admittidly I was mostly there for Healing. I soon found out though that the majority of the audience was insatiably excited for Todd and I soon became excited too. I felt honored to sing what songs I did know and enjoy off that album, with fans that have been to more than 50 concerts (you know who you are.) and thought it was so cool how we all sang the Verse for Sons of 1984 for like 10 minutes after Todd left the stage! I didn't even know all the words to the verse of that song but I learned it fast. I never wanted that last chorus to end, but it will remain in my heart. and "like the waves upon the seaside it goes on and on like the spinning of the world, it goes on and on"

Todd seriously couldn't have been more on in my mind. I really didn't know if he could recapture Healing for me, that album is so spiritually significant to me, but I found myself by Healing Pt. III having an out of body experience all over again, just like I did when I heard it for the first time. The man is simply in touch with the muse of the heavens. What a gift for Todd fans of all ages. There were times I would have liked the volume to be better, but the show was just....out of this world. With that....what else can I say but..Love is the answer! Love is answer! What's left to say!?!

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9/14/2010 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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