Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, IN 9-11-10

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This is my first attempt at a review so I'll keep it short. I'll try to add to the other reviews and not just regurgitate the information.

Boy, where can I begin? Like most who watch and are grateful for this website and others, I have seen Todd probably 100+ times and he never ceases to amaze and entertain. Talk about someone who I've never seem give less than 100% and who leaves his heart on the stage after every performance.

This show was no exception. The Fixx were great and a great opening act (it also gave the sound engineers a great opportunity to balance the sound well). Todd came out in some great costumes reminiscent of even pre-Utopia days with his fantastically painted SG.

Theater was very comfortable and the temperature fine. This place was built for sound and after some fine tuning, it sounded wonderful from Row M, left center.

Curtain rose with the opening bars of "How About a Little Fanfare" revealing Todd in one of his costumes, turning to the applauding audience he fell into "I Think You Know". Excellent. The following songs were a pleasure bringing me back to the those days of "meditating' in dimly light rooms with Jasmine incense burning in the tray. Keyboards, synths and whatever they used filled up the space well and sounded great. Kudos to all the keyboardists and Jesse for sounding like a keyboard. I doubt Todd ever thought he'd be performing some of these songs live, 36 years later! All those guys seem to work so hard. Thanks.

Again, keeping it short, I concur with the other reviews and I say it after every show, "BEST DAMN SHOW I EVER SAW!" If they decide to add more shows, especially in Chicago, I'll be there.

Thanks Todd!

Paul Stefanic
Algonquin, IL

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9/11/2010 - Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis, IN

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