TR-i review, Indianapolis, September 11, 2010

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The bad: Todd Rundgren started one and a half hours later than I thought he would.

The good: This is because Todd had an opening act and it was The Fixx ("Red Skies," "Saved By Zero," "One Thing Leads to Another," "Secret Separation" and "Are We Ourselves")!!!

The bad: I didn't see anyone that I knew at the show.

The good: People came from all over the great Midwest. All but the back of the main floor was packed. My front row balcony seats were outstanding.

The bad: I briefly fell asleep during "Healing: Part 2."

The good: This was because it was almost midnight by that time. The entire concert lasted from 8:00 until 12:30. Can someone say Bruce Springstein?

The bad: I think Todd missed a note on the piano during "A Dream Goes On Forever."

The good: This was the greatest Todd Rundgren show and probably the greatest concert I've ever attended. With its laser light show, incredible costumes, fantastic musicianship, inspiring songs, talented background chorus, spontaneous standing ovations, dancing in the aisles, and instruments that were rolled on and off the stage with each song, it was like theatrical music. And did I mention that Todd Rundgren performed?

When the band's only encore "Sons of 1984" ended behind a closed curtain and with the house lights already up, the audience never clapped again but instead continued singing the song a capella through six or seven complete choruses. "Worlds of tomorrow. Life without sorrow. Take it because it's yours. Sons of 1984."

Before that moment, I couldn't have even imagined that love and loyalty might be in such pure harmony that hundreds of strangers would spontaneously sing together word-for-word the chorus of a thirty-six year old obscure rock anthem.

One world, y'all.

Kurt St. Angelo
Indianapolis, Indiana

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