Clowes Memorial Hall/Indianapolis, IN/9-11-10

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9-11 Last show, last bus ride to a different state, last seeing a lot of good friends. Got on the bus and was lucky enough to have Doug and his wife sit in front of me. They are two of the most wonderful people, kind and generous. The trip was short, 4 hrs. but a time change. Didn't feel like rushing and I saw "The Fix" last night, who were Fantastic but since we lost an hour felt like taking my time about getting ready for the show.

Chris and Lori were nice enough to include me in a cab ride over to the place which was about 5 or 6 miles from the hotel. Saw Prairie in the lobby before the show. Got there close to when "The Fix" was over, sorry, just didn't have the time, didn't even eat anything. Saw Jeff & Lynn right away but short because the show was going to start soon. As luck would have it I got to sit next to my Ohio friends and my sis, Tracy and Dean were in front of me! It worked out great! I had to sit farther away this show but the sound and lighting was just FANTASTIC! Todd was right on with everything!

The crowd basically sat during the show, hated being back but during "Shine", the group from the bus went up front with our glow sticks, sang and danced up front by the stage. It was so much fun and I think Todd got a kick out of it too! We also went up at the end of the show and had a blast! Got a guitar pick from Kasim at the end of the show. The curtain went down fast and it was over. Great show!

Had to say quick good-byes to everyone because the bus was going to leave shortly and it was full! Hung out at the bar of the Omni where we stayed, everyone was there, it was packed but you could still move around because it was open, right off the lobby area. Saw everyone from the band, it was great! Got to hang with Chris, Lori and mostly Becky which was lots of fun, people coming and going. Got a pic with Kasim and then the guitar player from "The Fixx". Really had a good time! For some reason whoever was on the bus concerning the band and crew had to leave for Pa. right away. It was kinda sad. Of course it had to end sometime. This was a EXCELLENT SHOW and a FANTASTIC TIME! Thanks to all that made it happen!

Rock Love,

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9/11/2010 - Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis, IN

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