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I'm prejudice. Todd is my favorite. My 13yr old son and I drove 15 hours from Louisiana to Indy, and it was well worth it. I admit I never played Todd Todd for my son, and I was a little apprehensive as to how Todd would be received by my kid. Well, Jebediah was on his feet at the end of probably 1/2 of the songs. No doubt the presence of Prarie, Kassim, Jessie (who has gotten better), Bobby = excellente', Cars keys Greg (I know how he feels when he plays).

Then Oblivion [?] LP. Sounded like the record, live choral backing, songs like good wine. Soulful Todd. I knew he would turn it on soul-wise, and I think my 13yr old may have crossed a threshold for maturity in music.

Met him again after show. Jebediah hugged him - much to my (and Todd's) horror! I cannot believe how Todd can still sing like that. Todd concert. Incredible.

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9/11/2010 - Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis, IN

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