Clowes, Indianapolis 9-11-10

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We headed down to Indianapolis on friday from Chicago and stayed at the Omni for the first time. I was impressed it was nice. We got in late friday and when I went to get some coffee the next morning, I bumped into Greg Hawkes and Bobby Strickland. The were very nice and let me take a picture. I saw the back of TR entering a building across the way. That was the only time I saw him all weekend. I saw Michelle sitting in a van and said hello. She seemed tired so I left her alone. They drove from Michicgan the night before, So I thought everyone was pooped. Most of TR fans started to check in during the afternoon.

We got to the Theatre on campus. It was well run by young and old volunteers? Seats were nice. second row first balcony center! I brought my brother to the show and My Uncle and Aunt who live in Indianapolis for their first show.

The first row was empty in front of us when the Fixx took the stage. They played a solid set and played some older big Hits that I forgot about. The band was sorta static on stage, but played well. The singers voice was what I would compare to Bono before there was a Bono. His voice was on at all times.

The opening strains of Todd came out the speakers and we went on a progressive pop rock synthesizer operatic drug tinged/hazed psychedelic roller coaster ride called TODD. I enjoyed it like a fine wine. Favorites? Izzat love, King kong reggae, and the excellent Spark of life! The Todd album was my First aural experience with the man until a OOP's Wrong planet concert woke me up to he the face on the album and the man telling us to "love one another" was!

The staging/set was very mobile back and forth. Keyboards then guitars and back again. Prairie had a smaller tight "cool" drum setup. Again he is a excellent drummer. Very colorful outfits. The light show was the best I have seen since the Yes " Going for the one" tour in 1976? We were all like WTF the light show was that good. The screen in the back displayed the appropriate moods or flows.

We took a break and then Healing started. Todds voice was 95% on this night and many times 100%. The sound/Acoustics in the theatre were to die for. The band was energized and played off of our collective positive energy. TR kicked it up 10 notches higher for Healing. He had a message to give to us. It was 100 times better than the album. Favorites? everything!. Golden goose was a HOOT!!!! When the screen closed at the end of Sons of 1984 we all kept singing the refrain for about 4 minutes. The positive/spiritual/hero worship feeling was high. We all witnessed a great show. The choir and their conductor KICKED ASS in my book! They made Todd look good!

It was a long show and When we got back to the hotel everybody was getting together and hanging out at the hotel(COOL). We hung out for a little and then called it a night around 3:30am. We got to see Kasim and he was very nice to take a picture with my wife.

what can I say. As a 33 year TR/Utopia fan. this show was up there with

  1. OOP's Wrong planet tour 1977
  2. Adventures in Utopia Pre show 1979
  3. Utopia summer tour 1983
  4. Back to the bars with Utopia 1978
  5. Wham bam thankyou mam show (Solo) 1993?
  6. Nearly human at the Park West. When he took his shoes and socks off.
  7. The shock of seeing 3/4 Utopia last year in Akron and the wizard album.
  8. Liars show
My brother was very impressed with what he called a unique Avant-garde performance. He did not realize that the healing album could be that cool.

So ...... Wait another year?

Utopia (feeling) was at Clowes last Saturday.

By the way the few people/fans/kindred spirits that I ran into at the Omni were very nice. I feel like I am with my peer group. No pressure.

Just us onion heads!

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9/11/2010 - Clowes Memorial Hall - Indianapolis, IN

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