Roberts Orpheum Theatre/St. Louis, Mo./9-10-10

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9-9 Got up early to have breakfast with everyone before going our separate ways, it was really sad. Forgot to mention that I met two German gentlemen in my travels, very nice people. Got on the bus and we started on our way to St. Louis when it was realized that we were missing someone (Mike) and had to drive back to the hotel. On our way again, stopped at a great truck stop, Super Walmart and one other place. It was a long drive but it worked out ok. Was glad to get to the hotel, they were Fantastic! My favorite hotel on this tour, hands down! I loved everything about my room, wish I could have taken the bathroom home with me! Had a drink in the bar, very expense but nice place. Got to see Greg, Prairie and Bobby, went to say "Hello", then left them alone. First night I got to sleep in! So happy!

9-10 Took the bus to the Roberts Orpheum Theatre, I really liked it! Met up with my sis, Tracy & Dean, saw old friends David, Becky, Jeff, Norm, Shelley, Mike, it was Fantastic to see everyone! Had a Fantastic seat, took great pics and met a nice girl from Texas, we had a great time! Really, really, really loved the show, it was my favorite out of the 4 shows! I believe Todd broke a string on his guitar. Haven't seen that in a long time. Todd's voice was Fantastic! His piano playing was near Perfect! The band was Fantastic, Lighting, Sound, Everything! It was so very enjoyable! Had a GREAT TIME!

Went back to the hotel and hung out with my friends Becky & Norm. They were very good to me because I was upset about something and they stood by me. Also, my sis, Tracy & Dean, you are all such great friends! Got it straightened out the next day, hated to leave my hotel room, loved it!!! Sleep deprived!!! On to Indy!

Rock Love,

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9/10/2010 - Roberts-Orpheum Theatre - St. Louis, MO

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