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Dennis from Dallas here with the review of my whirlwind trip to St. Louis for the shows at the Orpheum.

To begin with, I can't thank Doug Ford enough for what he has done for the fans and for OH in helping to make the light SHINE for the last few years.

The room at the Westin was outrageously grand and the staff was great. Staying in a hotel that became Utopia for a night was worth the trip alone.

Now the show. Caught a cab($5) to the venue. Got there 45 mins. Early and stood near the bus. Got to talk to Jesse and shoot a pic. Then out walks our hero. He posed for a great picture. I could tell by the smile on his face that this would be a special night. A lot of you have seen that weary smile or the I'm tired smile or the things didn't go well at sound check smile. He usually manages one of some type but this was the broad "Hi, I'm Todd Rundgen and I still have all my teeth" smile.

So the venue opened late for the opening act (The Fixx @ 7) and we didn't get seated until about 6:45. There was no row K so I had to find Doug but karma being what it is, I walked right into him back in the lobby. Got a seat on the last row on the aisle in front of the sound and light boards.

The Fixx did an admirable job considering they were UP AGAINST IT you might say. A legion of fans chomping at the bit waiting for TODD to begin.

They played an hour and the 30 min. changeover turned into a 45-50 min. change. Not that much difference unless it Todd you are waiting for so every min extra feels like 10.Rode the elevator at the hotel with the lead guitarist. Very nice chap and I wish them well.

You've seen many previous reviews so mostly the same here but without many sound problems at all. For those who questioned Todd and the guys joining THE NEW CARS, I firmly believe that without Greg on keyboards, neither AWATS nor this tour could have happened or at the very least, anywhere near as good. It's amazing how he can recreate Todd's stuff. I would swear he was sitting there while they were originally recorded. Thanks Greg.

Bobby Strickland, what a mouth. I enjoyed you in the Nearly Human tour, but you really stick out solo on both AWATS and this tour. Thanks Bobby.

The usual suspects, Jesse, Prairie ,Kasim, what can be said? You complete Todd. And a HUGE thanks to the choir of youngsters from Morgan who really looked involved and sang the lyrics with conviction. Hopefully they enjoyed it enough to pass it on to their friends and so on.

Due to my health, this may be the last time I get to leave Dallas and fly somewhere to see OH. It was tough for me but I was blessed and made it through so who knows?


Thanks to Rundgren Radio, Todd, the band, and the crew. It was memorable.

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9/10/2010 - Roberts-Orpheum Theatre - St. Louis, MO

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