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Thanks to Todd and everyone else, I had the time of my life in St. Louis.

Knowing how great this could be, I made the trip from California alone. Meeting up with friends/fans was great, and everything about this show was tremendous. I couldn't ask for more (I know, there's always more).

A restored historic venue, superb sonics, wonderful presentation, historic setlist, enjoyable opener, good drinks, ecstatic crowd, and a first row seat combined for the ultimate Todd show for me. People were saying best show of the run so far, and I hope it just keeps getting better (tough to imagine, but you go, Todd). The buzz is true - Todd's voice is stronger than ever, the guitarwork was on fire, and the keyboards were just fine, thank you.

Joining the core band for the Healing material was a local choir, and they brought their AAA game, and from the looks on their faces, had never enjoyed themselves as much before (kinda like me and everyone around me).

One of the greatest things was hearing songs live that I'd only heard on the albums til now.

I won't bore you with the details, just don't miss a show if possible, and don't miss the webcast for sure.

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