Todd and Healing St. Louis, Mo

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I live in Dallas and was in business in Chicago that week and made arrangements for a little stopover in St. Louis on the way home. My wife flew in from Dallas and we met at the airport and made our way into downtown St. Louis. We stayed at a hotel around the corner and walked to the venue. We saw Kasim Sulton at the side of the building and he was as always gracious with his time to the fans. As we entered the Roberts Orpheum Theatre the place was almost magical. What a magnificent palace. The Fixx were the first group to hit the stage and they were awesome!! Encore was well deserved, so far so good. Todd came out for his first set, and it was flawless. Drunken Blue Rooster was off the hook!! But I came to see the Healing portion. Brings back memories of College, I wore that album out. I was wondering how he was going to pull this off. Very technically produced. He not only pulled it off, but took it up a notch. His voice at 62 was spot on this evening. The choir that they brought in from the local college was amazing. What a great group of kids that looked like they were having the time of their lives. I was having the time of my life as well ( a few buckets of beer to enjoy the show with was an added bonus)!! Sons of 1984 had the crowd whipped into a frenzy and as the stage curtain came down, the masses sang for another 10 minutes the main chorus!!! I saw AWATS in Chicago last year and reviewed it, but this show blew that away!!! I will remember this evening for a very long time, I can promise you that. Doug if your reading these, I look forward to the "Hermit of Mink Hollow" and "The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect" tour next year!!!! Make it happen man!!!

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9/10/2010 - Roberts-Orpheum Theatre - St. Louis, MO

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