Frauenthal Ctr. for Performing Arts/Muskegon, Mi./9-8-10

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9-6 Took the Golden Goose Bus from Akron to Muskegon, glad we left on Monday. Our bus driver's name was Jim and he was Fantastic! He did a great job! Stopped at a big rest stop with a bunch of food places so I grabbed something to eat for on the bus, we did stop at a restaurant but unfortunately we were the last ones to be served and it took longer than expected. Poor Bob, ordered Meatballs & Pasta and they were out of Meatballs! Plus, he was charged for the full meal but he got it straightened out.

Talked on RR for the first time, was so very nervous. Made a short stop so people could get off at someone's house, then onto the Holiday Inn we went. Long day. Unpacked and met at the bar, no one would let me sleep!!!

9-7 Toddstock Movie Premier - Took the bus to the Toddstock Movie Premier. Someone took the cardboard figures of Todd off the bus and they put them on top of this ledge by different movie stars that were also cardboard. It was cool! The movie was Fantastic and even though I wasn't there, it was fun to watch! My favorite parts were the music put into the movie, the Arena show, the Blessing of the House and the snoring part, wow how could anybody sleep with all that noise! Afterwards, there was a party back at the hotel. Eating, drinking, music, dancing, pic with Todd & Michelle, plus I got my Time Heals 45 picture record signed by Todd. Once I heard Healing was going to be played in concert I really wanted to get that 45 signed. It meant a lot to me and I have great memories from that tour. Thanks Todd!

9-8 Frauenthal Ctr. for Performing Arts - The theatre was right across the street from the hotel which was great! It was beautiful, just like Akron. Great seat! Great show, Todd's voice was not as clear but I feel that was because of the night before. It was great having Mel sit in front of me. Both Doug & Mel are truly such nice people!

Dealing with the photographers was no problem, they were very considerate. On the stage and on the floor. I didn't know they were filming the Michigan show until we got there. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, people were coming down the aisles during the show and sitting in the aisles, standing in the aisles, taking pictures etc., it was very distracting. One woman was very rude and ruined at least 3 or 4 songs. I had found out later that two of my friends were dealing with really rude people behind them and had to leave right after the show for fear of something bad happening to them. The best part of the show was when I was standing next to Mel in front by the stage for the end of the show.

One other good thing that happened, after the show I got a picture with Rebop! Hung out at the bar in the hotel to visit with Bob, Jean & Pete, and Lisa who were all leaving the tour and going their separate ways the next morning. I really liked staying at this Holiday Inn, the people were Fantastic, plus free breakfast and one free drink everyday! Other bad thing for me anyway, I was COLD the whole time I was in Muskegon! On to St. Louis!

Rock Love,

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9/08/2010 - Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts - Muskegon, MI

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