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Naturally everyone will compare last night's show to last year's AWATS show. AWATS seemed to flow a little better even with the costume changes, but overall this show was well worth it.

"How About A Little Fanfare" - They skipped the forward/backward "How about a little fanfare?" words, but the rest was reproduced intact.

"I Think You Know" - This sounded a little more Broadway than the record. Think of the original as being influenced by "The Smell of Money." The pantomime was on target.

"The Spark of Life" - Todd replaced the whaling guitar track with some processing done of his voice. This processed humming/singing made this song much more interesting. He really pounded the baton many times on his plea "No. No. No. A little more humanity please."

"An Elpee's Worth of Toons" - Having band members hold up albums was particularly appropriate.

"A Dream Goes On Forever" - Without having to play piano, Todd was able to walk around and focus on the vocals. Very nice.

"Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song" - Despite its slightly reduced speed, this rendition was true to the original. No flubs.

"Drunken Blue Rooster" - Todd had trouble with the keyboard. The tempo of this sound got the audience to sit down on its own. It should have some accompanying video or something.

"The Last Ride" - The saxophone solo was replaced by Bobby Strickland playing some other wind instrument. I could not tell what it was. The spotlight guy did not shine tech light on him.

"Everybody's Going To Heaven / King Kong Reggae" - These songs had the same excitement level as "Is It My Name?" from last year's AWATS show.

"Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator" - Listening to this, we were all "full of joy."

"Sidewalk Cafe" - You could really hear each instrument - very Talking Headsish.

"Izzat Love?" - Todd did a nice job on the vocals.

"Heavy Metal Kids" - Nice, but seemed a little subdued compare to other versions I have heard.

"Don't You Ever Learn" - Bravo. Well done.

"Useless Begging" - This was one of the unexpected highlights of the night. It was different enough from the original to make it better.

"Healer" - I was in row Q. I could not hear the background singers on this one.

"Pulse" - The echo effect on Todd's voice made this one of the most interesting songs of the night.

"Flesh" - Although the album version has never been my favorite, the live heartfelt version was fantastic.

"Golden Goose" - This was appropriately campy including the dancing.

"Compassion" - Very nicely done.

"Shine" - The intro to this was sung higher than the original. The ending was a frenzy of activity like a crescendo to the evening.

"Tiny Demons" - Although this version was good, I like it when Todd plays the noodling guitar parts.

"Healing Part I" - This part was incredibly well sung.

"Healing Part II" - Todd forgot to sing some of the verses. This part needs some polish.

"Healing Part III" - This is a rousing version that brings the crowd to its feet.

"Time Heals" - The pace was off - too fast. The result was that Todd could not play his guitar solos like he normally does. The vocals were also a bit more talky since he had to hurry the notes.

"Sons of 1984" - To Todd's surprise, we all held up colored pieces of paper that spelled out Todd in the balcony. The lower section depicted the pyramid with the eye symbol. The audience participation was stellar.

Although I cannot make other shows, I will definitely catch the upcoming webcast.

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9/05/2010 - Akron Civic Theatre - Akron, OH

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