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In ancient cultures the shaman priest wore mask and costumes to channel the universal forces into manifestation. They used words and music to bring into being the desired results. The dance and ritual performed in detail to re-create the world, and for healing to take place within the tribe. A modern version of this scenario could be taking place as Todd and the band perform Healing and the Todd album on this magical mystery like tour . Add the modern technology of the laser and digital light show and you could return to your daily lives refreshed and inspired in spirit and soul. Besides, in most cases that's what music should really be about.

Todd, dressed in glittering white led us through the Todd album, Jesse led off with some stellar guitar playing, and I am sure Prairie will pursue his new dancing career when this tour is over. Kasim and Greg Hawkes played the sets perfectly and Bobby Strickland led us across the sky like the cosmic piper during his sax solo in the healing set. Add a gospel choir into the mix and you will get the idea. These two albums were really perfect to match, and being there to experience it all did in it's own way provide the healing touch so much needed in the world today.

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9/05/2010 - Akron Civic Theatre - Akron, OH

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