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On The Road To Utopia

9/4 - Two weeks before (the show) dealt with a sinus infection, one week before (the show) had to get a major tooth pulled. 3 hrs. of sleep, left for airport to fly to Cleveland, met Teri from LV at the Cleveland airport, are planes were only 2 1/2 hrs. apart. Great flight, great airport people (think they thought I was going to sleep there), saw Janet in airport while waiting, what are the chances, she talked to me until Teri got off her flight to meet me. That was very nice. Got our limo and off to the Akron City Centre Hotel!

RR Birthday Bash was Fantastic! Eating, drinking, music, singing, items to buy, cake and most important, meeting up with old friends that have a common interest. Met up with Anna & Lee, Jean & Pete, Jodi & Julie, and Lisa who I haven't seen in 30 yrs!

9/5 - The day flew by and before you know it was time for the show! Teri & I walked over from the hotel and there was a ton of people there! Stood in front row with Teri (not the pit) until I was forced to leave, ushers were distracting so I really didn't get to enjoy the first two songs, they were only doing their jobs though, can't blame them.

My seat was excellent, 2nd row left and a guy was in it when I came and I told him to stay as long as we were standing, he was grateful. The people I sat by were Excellent! I was surprised we didn't stand the whole time, which we did last yr. The outfits were amazing! Everyone looked great! My favorites were the Healing costumes especially Todd's. Then there was this Fantastic light show, NEVER seen any kind of light show like this before! WOW! Sound was amazing and all the instruments that were played WOW, it was great to watch!

Todd's voice was UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I've never seen the Todd Album (yes album) live so this was truly a treat for me! Kasim, Jesse, Prairie, Greg and Bobby were truly amazing, they did a Fantastic job, I remember Jesse saying, he played instruments that he didn't know he could and Bobby talked about how hard working on the cords were.

You could tell it was hard and they really pulled it off. Some people talked about Todd's piano playing, some like the little mistakes and some don't, it's up for debate! I must say he moved around a lot, nice big stage! It was really great having the Chorus come on the stage and sing at times, they really sounded good and my favorite part of that was the Chorus Director, he was so much fun to watch!

Well, my favorite that I couldn't wait to see was Useless Begging and it was more that I had hoped for because of Prairie's tap dancing part, he was Fantastic! I think I was in shock! It was great seeing "A Dream Goes On Forever", "The Last Ride", Izzat Love?" and "Don't You Ever Learn? from the Todd album. The Healing Album, I was looking forward to "Compassion", Shine, Flesh, Pulse, it's been a long time since I've heard these songs! It was Excellent! The whole show was truly AMAZING, so glad I decided to come! The unsung hero's of the night was the crew of this amazing show, they did a Fantastic job! They work their butt's off! Great job everybody!

After the show, went to the bar at the hotel and saw guys from the band and the crew, no Todd though. One note, the night before a guy by the name of Bob from Wales sat down at our table and immediately decided to tell me how he didn't like the eye shadow I was wearing, that it didn't go with my eyes! Lisa couldn't understand his accent and I couldn't hear him because it was so loud in the bar! Lisa said after he left, "That's not how you become friends with someone", it was so funny! We all became fast friends after that, hey he said he was being honest, I admire that! As long as it wasn't in a mean way and it wasn't. I had a great time in Akron both nights, (even with Bob - hee hee), the sad part was that it was over pretty fast and Teri was going back to LV and I was taking the Golden Goose Bus to Muskegon Mi. I did ask people which they liked better last year (AWATS) or this year (Todd/Healing) and I was told you cannot compare the two. On to Muskegon!

Rock Love,

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9/05/2010 - Akron Civic Theatre - Akron, OH

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