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Quick comments. 

This year TR give us frantic-free show. No costume changes except between the two sets. 

TODD is set one. Stage is a sparse setup. Just one large video screen playing various images throughout the night. All players have access to keys. The keyboards are on wheels, as is TR's piano and Prairie's kit. Instruments are slowly wheeled away when no longer needed. Wheeled back in place again when the song requires them. 

TODD is played in order with two exceptions. In and Out of the Chacras is stricken from the set (but appears at the end of the night via cd over the PA as the audience exit song). Sons of 1984 is skipped in set one and becomes the night's encore.    

This set suffered from quite a few miscues, sound & mix issues for various songs. It was still a pleasure to experience.  TR continues to struggle on the keys. He put the drunk in drunken blue rooster.  Prairie performed some stellar tap dancing.  Who knew?

Healing was spectacular. The choir will vary from town to town. Tonight we have a local Cleveland choir, The Company.  They were a great addition and performed incredibly well. I wonder how long they had to prep for this. Whatever it was, it worked. Was a bit reminiscent of the A Cappella tour.  They were on and off stage as needed.  

Of particular note:  Bobby Strickland was on fire tonight and played an amazing solo at the end of Healing I.

This is the only show I can catch this time, so it will have to be pay per view for me. I'm looking forward to it. 

Thanks again to Mel and Doug. 

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