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Sometimes it takes a while to process the kind of massive download of energy and information imparted by Todd and his Merry Band of Minstrels and this one was a whopper! There were many who exited the Akron Civic Theater with a satisfied look of amazement who were beaming joy and light into the crisp, early fall evening and I was grateful to be amongst you all. Many thanks again to Doug and Mel for facilitating all of this!

First, the Akron City Centre Hotel was excellent again with the staff brightly festooned in Todd shirts that I'm sure have become collector's items. My hard working wife had been anticipating being treated to room service and Jacuzzi for weeks and was well rewarded. I do regret missing the Rundgren Radio party due to a nasty encounter with the hotel shampoo which caused an allergic reaction that turned my eyes blood red. That's what ya get when you forget to pack the shampoo. Next year.

Kasim's Beach Party show was very cool and was a great way to start the day with what always seems like a visit with Kas and a bit of the hair of the dog. Bloody Mary's seemed quite popular. Hearing Kas' voice be so clear and "on" was a great omen for the big show later on. His new song is very good and the sing-along's were wonderful. Thanks, Kas. That was the easy part.

Now the hard part. Todd and healing are the albums that, next to S/A, I have listened to the most. Most of us come to see Todd thoroughly expecting, and rightfully so, to be moved and reminded of Higher Things and Realms; to ride the wave of musical and spiritual energy generated, amplified and synthesized by the music and our interaction. In this, there are always lessons offered and the open outpouring of Love and Light. Sunday night in Akron was, for lack of a better word, powerful.

Todd appeared resplendent in his high-collared sci-fi robe and ensemble and I Think You Know, one of my faves, was really good. I have to admit though that for the first time in my life, at a few points, I wanted a Todd show to end. I know TR wanted to play all those piano parts and in many ways it was special but like has been already noted it was hard to listen. Many times the things we think we are going to receive from a show turns out to be very different from what is given.

I felt the discordance and wasn't ready for it but thankfully realized that we were sharing Todd's feelings about all of the missed notes, too. It was then my miracle started happening. Healing and Shine have had very special places in my heart and life for decades now and like so many I have looked too much at the messenger rather than the message. Healer started rough but quickly soared, enrapturing us in the multi-helix spiral of creation and the great Truth Todd was sharing. The snakes of fire danced up and down my spine as the song built to crescendo and we found ourselves together again, shining still.

There were many great moments, No.1LCD rocked as did HMK. It was when Todd turned to face the band at the start of the healing suite and said, "Here we go." that all bets were off. The music and energy flowed freely and touched the places in us that were longing for Love and Light. The music and the musicians were serving Higher Powers and we were all welcomed home.

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9/05/2010 - Akron Civic Theatre - Akron, OH

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