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For the first show it was pretty good overall. I heard that Todd and the band have been rehearsing for the past four days for this premier show. As Todd "orchestrated" throughout the evening he wore a trench in the stage from constantly moving from side to side keeping the audience entertained. Not sure if it was sold out but there was a good crowd regardless. I especially enjoyed "The last ride", "A dream goes on Forever" and "Don't you ever learn" Brought back memories of listening to the album over and over on my Gerrard turntable! I'm sure others can relate! After intermission the start of "Healing" included "Tiny Demons" "Pulse" and "compassion" . The encore was "Sons of 1984" in which the crowd sang along with O.H. At the end everyone had a paper taped to the seat in front of them which we held up to form a mosaic for Todd. Not sure what it was but Todd seemed to be surprised by it.

After having dinner before the show I was making my way back to my van to put our "take home box" in the cooler. I took a shortcut behind the theater and ran into Kasim taking a break. He was gracious enough, as usual, to allow me to take a photo!

All in all was a great show and am sure they will only get better after each performance!

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9/05/2010 - Akron Civic Theatre - Akron, OH

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