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If I had to come up with one word to describe Todd Rundgren's Johnson show at Rock n' Resort, it would be HOT! Besides the sweltering heat of the day, Todd and the boys were on fire as well.

First, this was a unique venue for a Todd show. It was essentially a big stage in a field at the base of a hill butting up to a primitive campground. There was a little camperís village featuring all sorts of carnival-like vendors. Beer trucks and port-o-potties at every turn. Very rural and rustic. Many people brought folding chairs which seemed like a good idea until those chairs became useless when Todd hit the stage.

As everyone tried to stay cool and dry with the sun beating down on us, the band took the stage slightly after 7:30. It was still very sunny out which made for an interesting backdrop. The first ten songs or so followed the typical TR's Johnson set list running order. While there were a lot of Todd fans there, many were not there solely for Todd but it didn't seem to matter. The Johnson format seemed perfect for this setting and every gold ol' boy and girl I saw was into it.

The band was tight. Jessie was particularly animated and Kaz was having fun with some folks standing next to me in the front row. You could tell they were hot though. Todd didn't have much to say between songs but did once compliment the Ohio crowd for understanding his music (referencing the tangential Johnson direction).

While I was hopeful for a complete set, it became obvious we wouldn't get one when a few songs were jumped over or moved around. Noticeable omissions from the standard set were Mystified, Mirror, Synthesize & Tiny Demons. No matter. We got a good 1.5 hours with Todd on a beautiful, sweaty, blues-filled northeastern Ohio summer evening. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night and think most in attendance would agree.

Check out my YouTube page. Eleven HD Videos from the show are being uploaded today.

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7/16/2010 - Rock N Resort Music Festival - North Lawrence, OH

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