Todd in Music City Thurs 4/22/10

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The second to the last Johnson show was excellent as expected. The same set list was deployed as in the previous shows. I attended the Pittsburgh show and it was good but the sound in Nashville at the Performing arts center was crisp, clear, and well balanced. #1 LCD and Black Maria brought the crowd to their feet and really connected. The rarities Todd has dusted off were really the gems of the show.

Boogie/Hamburger Hell, Tiny Demons, Bleeding, and Unloved Children were all very well received. The blues songs have hit their stride and the band was really in the groove. Riverside was probably the best. We took a couple of first timers to this show and they were very impressed. This was my 32nd Todd experience and it certainly did not disappoint. His guitar strangling and sangin (southern speak) were very good. Todd is at the top of his game and hope this trend continues. Kas was tossing picks around and my wife, Linda, was fortunate enuff to get one in the 6th row. The house was about 75% full @ 900 Toddites lovingly worshiping the master. Looking forward to the Todd and Healing performance in Indy on 9/11. We'll be there.

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4/22/2010 - Polk Theater - Nashville, TN

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