Trees Dallas April 20, 2010

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Of the 12, or so times I have seen TR this was one of the greatest Todd shows I have ever seen. I am a sucker for the blues, so this show was right in my wheelhouse. That has to do with my cousins in Chicago and summer nights in Chi town listening to the greats of blues. Not to mention all my business trips to Memphis, entertaining customers on Beale street at BB KIng's, Rum Boogie, etc.... Anyway back to the show.

Pulled into the parking lot around 7:15 with my wife and Vicki McKinney. To my surprise there was Jesse Gress smoking a cigarette. They had just finished the sound check. So I parked, and strolled over to JG. Said hello, introduced myself and started talking to him about the tour. He said, "The tour has been good and it is finally winding down." I told him how much I enjoyed his guitar playing, and one of my personal highlights was, "While my guitar gently weeps" at the Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas 2004, Liars tour. He said, "Thanks man, I appreciate it." So I ask, "What he was gong to do while Todd is heading back to Hawaii for some chill time this summer." He said, "I don't know, maybe gardening." Funny! It felt sincere. I guess I should have ask what he was growing.

Then Kaz walked up and I whipped his ass with some questions for a few minutes, got a picture and then he left for the tour bus.

Trees was packed full of middle age people like me (Go Figure) and everyone was in a great mood. Todd hit the stage at 8:30 with two Robert Johnson songs, Dust My Broom, and Stop Breaking Down. his first two RJ songs. Todd then paused to say, "As I've said all over the country, the most loyal fans in all of music. Part of a nation unto itself. From which you can not succeed. Cause it exist on a whole other plane man, because you don't have any crackers, just sweet crackers." I was waiting for the usual George Bush shot, like previous Todd Texas shows, but not tonight. Continuing, "I am paying homage to a couple of blues legends tonight, Robert Johnson, and me".....Todd laughs simultaneous to crowd going nuts.

"Not some skinny white kids from England." An obvious reference to Richards, Townsend, Clapton, Beck, and, Page. "You know Robert Johnson was from Texas, in fact he recorded his songs at a place very close to here, which is now probably a Spaghetti Warehouse"....More laughter due to the SF being located in the West End, a Dallas tourist trap.

The next two songs were, Kiddie Boy, and Soul Brother. This was the formula for the song list all night long. Two RJ, two TR.

Back to the formula,

Walking Blues
Kindhearted Women
Black Maria, all time fav
Last fair deal
Love in vain
Open my Eyes great old Nazz tune back from when Todd was a 16 year old phenomenon in Philly
Red Hot
Sweet Home Chicago
Unloved Children
I went to the mirror-highlight of the night such a cool song from Something/Anything
Come in my kitchen
Hell Hound
#1 lowest common denominator note for note lick for lick very tight and clean Born to synthesize A swing version. Reminded me of Todd's with a twist phase. Just add a dirty martini!
Ending the set with Robert Johnson's most famous song ever.......Crossroads, made famous by a skinny white kid from England.


I saw the light
Tiny demons, from healing which he will be playing in its entirety in St. Louis Sept. 10. at the Roberts-Orpheum Theatre.

Act I will be "Todd"
Act II "Healing"

Ending with, Boogies, not just one victory. His last homage to RJ. Thanks to Todd and the boys for a great night of Rock and Roll. I can't wait for the next Todd show for my chance to pay my respects to a skinny white kid from Upper Darby, PA.

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4/20/2010 - Trees - Dallas, TX

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