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Well, the old fellow just keeps on, keeps on cranking it out. He must have found his third wind. The show started 30 minutes late but that was fine. Todd was a little pissed off about the sound on stage and the lighting. He said he couldn't see his guitar so unless we wanted to hear him play REALLY S****Y (ain't ever gonna happen), leave the lighting constant. After that, all was well. Amazing to hear Kiddie Boy live again. I got into the first half of the Johnson but was longing for more of the Todd stuff as we went on in the show. 2 ½ hours. How does he do this and shred his voice nightly?? And when he finished with Boogies (Hamburger Hell), I kept thinking there was no way he could get through that song in its original key without the voice going. Fooled me again.

I got to talk with Rex and his Mom and they are nice folks. Rex is as obliging as his dad even though Todd snuck out on us and hit the bus this time. We were waiting but this time it wasn't going to happen. Oh well. I am considering St. Louis in September so we will see what happens. I got to meet Lesley from New York and enjoyed her company. I also met a man from Houston who ,like me, has trouble standing and gave him a seat at my table. No strangers at a Todd show. And I can't forget the new member of our family "Butters". That guitar sure can play.

See you in September hopefully.

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4/20/2010 - Trees - Dallas, TX

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