RungrenRadio's Johnson show at Cubby Bear's, and TR's Johnson at the Beamont in KC show

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I took a bit of a road trip, and saw 2 shows in as many days. My brother and I drove from KC to Louisburg for Friday's show. Long trek at 9.5 hours, made worse by traffic and detours once we stopped in Chicago to grab Miss Vickie.

Regardless, we had a splendid time at the Illinois show! Great venue, nicest folks I've seen and met since Akron. Ribs for dinner, cold brews as well.

Kansas city was really great as well! Dinner before with Mr & Mrs Wesper, Anna & my new pal Brett. (his 1st TR show!)

Met & talked with more folks than I can recall, great people! But too small of a 250-300? NO advertising to speak of. So, a small crowd. Pity..

This is a killer show. I really do want to see it again, and I admit here that the 1st two of the 'Johnson' run-throughs I saw in LA and Ventura really didn't do much for me. Believe I actually said no thanks, no more, forget it!

Till I read the reviews here.

The man has put together an amazing lineup of songs. His early stuff has such power, they fit/blend well with the flavor of the program.

And I am NOT a blues fan! Sorry, it doesn't do it for me. Maybe as I age, less of my 'stuff' works. Perhaps I need to be worse off! We will see..

This band is as good a lineup as I've ever seen Todd perform with. The 'With a Twist' shows, No World Order (saw 3, and I'd really have loved to have seen more) the Liars tour, every time I'm lucky enough to see the Man with this core lineup it kicks ass.

And they've honed these tunes to a razor sharp attack! It's really amazing how the set of just the Johnson tunes has tightened up since the Cali premier..

But the rest!

Number one, Black Maria, Bleeding, Kiddie Boy, Unloved Children, Boogies..

Any or all of these tunes alone are worth traveling for. If you're debating seeing these shows...quit waiting and make plans.

These tours are over before you know it. As I stated earlier, I still wish I could have seen additional dates of the previous tours. Only caught one 'pod' date, just one Liars show, only one single wonderful Accapella date.

I'll never forget those shows.

And I won't forget these Johnson shows either.

Get there, somehow, and see one of the remaining days.

(Airfare for Texas..Hmmmm!)

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