Cubby Bear North show

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Having come to the TR party late in life (only 20 years or so now) I have more than made up for what I missed earlier in his career by going all over the country for some fabulous tours-One Long Year, the freeze your ass off tour, and the Liars tour (the best shows and album ever) to name a few, and all I can say is the man is aging like fine wine. The show at CBN was quite a treat, and to paraphrase Todd's comment at the start of the show, if your a fan and you show up at anything he's doing these days, you don't need to know what to expect, you'll be glad you did. He's the real deal, and is the thinking man's singer/songwriter/guitarist. There was a period 10 years or so ago, when he seemed a little lost, performance-wise, but he is as vibrant and relevant as ever now. In summary, go see TOOOOOODDDD!

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4/16/2010 - Cubby Bear North - Lincolnshire, IL

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