Cubby Bear North/Lincolnshire/4-16-10

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OMG! What an EXCELLENT SHOW last night!!! Like other reviews I've read I really didn't know how I was going to like this show as I am not a big fan of "the blues" but Todd's guitar playing on these songs were just AMAZING!!! I really ended up liking the Johnson's songs BUT there is no question of course that Todd's song's were my favorites.

Got a VIP tik for the show and hung out with the regulars in line to get into our dinner. What luck to see Doug and Mel right away, they have done so much for these RR shows and I am very grateful! Can't forget Kathy for finding the place! I've never been to the Cubby Bear North before, it was small but cozy, perfect for Todd fans. The food was great!

Everyone (the band) seemed to be in a good mood and Todd made a comment about Chicago fans coming out to see him play anything! Got a big cheer from the crowd! So glad this show was added! My favorite song no doubt was Unloved Children, OMG it was EXCELLENT!

Wish I was going to be in KC tonight but need to save (like everyone else) for September! If you have a chance, go see these Johnson shows, it's great how Todd split it up 2 RJ songs, 2 Todd songs. Thanks Todd for letting up take pictures and for a GREAT show! You know you can come to the Chicago area anytime and we will be there!

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4/16/2010 - Cubby Bear North - Lincolnshire, IL

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