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I am one of the Todd fans that buys a ticket when he's going to be in the area because I don't care what he intends for the show, I know I'm going to enjoy listening. I've seen a walk down Abbey Road in Atlantic Cith a couple times; The tribute to Sgt Pepper in Baltimore; The Arena tour three times (Twice at this venue); twice on the tour he did with Joe Jackson; Liars; Power Trio and a few others. Since the first show I saw with the power trio, I've followed the rule of buying tickets when he's in my area.

I subscribed to the web cast in Connecticut on Sunday and only hope that he distributes that on DVD. The show in Annapolis was great as well. Todd's in top form and the guitars were blazing. Always enjoy Todd's baner with the audience. His band is part of the reason I go as well. Jesse Gress is a guitarist extradordinaire; Kasim doing melodic rhythm on bass; and the magnificent Prairie Prince adding flavors to everything. You may be able to tell I'm a drummer. There are those that fit the definition of "a consummate drummer" and those who transcend to "The consummate drummer" like an amp that goes up to eleven. I love watching this band perform.

I saw one negative review from a person complaining that Todd didn't play any of his hits within the first hour so they left. Obviously a person who knows Todd's catalog less than me. Through the years of Todd shows I've heard all his hits at least once. I don't go to his shows with requests in mind. Whatever Todd's up to playing is fine with me. Whatever it is, listening is a pleasure. Todd's tribute to Robert Johnson and the other blues guy (Todd Rundgren) was no exception. I guess people are either Todd fans or not. I am and I've seen a lot of great shows because of it!

I will join the legion of his fans in doing what we can to get Todd where he belongs - in the Rock Hall of Fame.

I don't know when he's touring again, or what he'll be playing, but as soon as I get word on when and where, I'll be buying a ticket.

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4/14/2010 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD

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