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Here is my two cents worth on the Todd show at the Birchmere last night. Overall great music, half of it was Todd's take on Robert Johnson's songs and the other half an eclectic mix of Todd originals which were oriented toward the blues. Best song of the night and a pleasant surprise was the never played before live song "Bleeding" from Ballad of TR.... I have always enjoyed that album and that song. It was a pleasure to hear it. Kiddie Boy was an interesting Nazz choice that sounded good live as well. Love his take on "Crossroads", but "Sweet Home Chicago" painfully dragged along. "Born To Synthesize" was another good one that stood out for me. The rest were solid with I Saw The Light being completely unnecessary, but probably a bone to those who wouldn't recognize anything else. I for one enjoyed the more obscure stuff and understood the theme of the evening before I came, so walked away very satisfied from a musical perspective.

*On the other hand, this happened to be my birthday and a present from my family to all go together to see one of my rock 'n roll heroes. I know full well that Todd is his own man and pretty much does and says what he wants, but it is so tiresome to hear the first words out of his mouth that evening chastising my home state for electing our current governor and then trying to bring slavery and the confederacy of all things into it. Is he really that ignorant? Doesn't he realize that most of the crowd probably comes from the Northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland area which tends to lean his way politically. And regardless, it's just so petty and beneath him to essentially insult his audience before entertaining them. My wife just rolled her eyes, but my kids and I enjoyed the show nonetheless.

**Special thanks to Kasim for coming over and speaking with my ten year old daughter after the show and telling her how much he appreciated watching her enjoy the music. She was excited to receive the attention from a gracious guy on the stage. Kudos to Jesse Gress who never fails to inspire me as a guitar player. Todd of course is one of my all time faves as well.

***Todd, I think there will be no doubt that you have done things your own way and as a musician I have always appreciated your creativity and boldness to pursue your ideas. To me you deserve the Rock Hall of Fame and any other music accolade they could find to bestow. Just remember, "Kindness" and "Compassion" in your comments from the stage only make the music sweeter to enjoy. Blessing to you my man!!!

Dave Anderson -Virginian

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4/13/2010 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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