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well, i drove the two hours south to CT to the Mohegan sun casino to see Todd and the gang sat night and what a great show (as always!)

I am sure all of you know about the Johnson tour and the set list by now-

i enjoyed all of the old blues tunes and was still very pleased to hear Todd play standards like " black maria" and surprises like " unloved children " and "soul brother."

i was very surprised at the turnout-

i arrived in line two hours before the show and could not get a seat after waiting two hours in line-

there must have been 400 people in line!

This is good news in that maybe more people are getting turned onto Todd, although many people who were behind me on the sidelines during the show still did not seem to know who he was despite constant education from serious Todd fans to the two goofy girls behind me who had no clue who Todd was.

A light bulb went off over one of the girls heads when it was mentioned that "Hello it's me " is a Todd song but she was disappointed that he did not and i am sure will not be playing those types of songs on this tour.

( By the way of you are not interested in his music please stop talking during the show - it is rude!)

Jesse and Kasim seemed to be struggling to get the right sounds with the sound crew for Todd's vocals and Kasim's bass by their constant looks back to the audio crew but to me it all sounded great as it always does!

If you ever go to free show of Todd's at a casino you must arrive 6 hours or more early to get a set it seems-

Also, be prepared to dry clean your clothes after being surrounded by smoking gamblers all night long!

Thanks Todd, Kasim, Jesse and Prairie for a great night!

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4/10/2010 - Mohegan Sun - Wolf Den - Uncasville, CT

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