4/7/2010 Newark OH Midland Theatre

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This was my 25th time seeing Todd, and my teenage son's 2nd TR show. I was ready for a night of Blues. The bonus was knowing it would be a full solid night of Todd on Guitar. He did not disappoint. Nor did Jesse, Prairie and Kasim. The set was the same as previous shows, but here were the highlights for me. From Robert Johnson, it was "Red Hot" Of Todd's songs, it was one of the best "Black Maria's" I have seen. "Born to Synthesize" - the usual fun. But it is always fun to hear him do a song for the first time. 4 songs:

"Kiddie Boy" perfect fit for the show. Todd, please pull a couple more Nazz songs out of the bag sometime in the future.

"Bleeding" - thanks Runt

"I Went to the Mirror"- that was Something, or was it Anything? It was cool.

"Boogies (Hamburger Hell)". I hope all the other Faithful fans also thought it was a fun way to close the show.

Don't miss the show people.

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4/07/2010 - Midland Theater - Newark, OH

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