Englewood NJ Johnson Tour

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Well, Todd gone blues. Or so he said. Well I gotta say it was different. I had done the sound for that theater many years ago, still had the resonance as before. The songs were really interesting. Sat next to some nice folks waiting for his hits. Ok, folks no Hello Its me tonight. Mystified was terrific. Tiny Demons ,my personal favorite, brought back the snowfall days in Woodstock. The music was great, somewhat loud, sorry Todd , it really was, and my creed is if its too loud youre too old. Hamburger hell was the last song, and what a great surprise. Overall it was a great mix of Johnson tribute songs and Todd. Black Maria , what can you say, just one of your very best. some songs from either runt or ballad, a nice treat also. Thanks again sir for making me feel young. By the way , Butters? Whats up with that. Please share some insight. Ok I always named my guitars after women. So I am trying to picture Foamy or butters as a woman.


Anyway GO SEE THE SHOW. Its always a pleasure and leaves you with that feeling that life has just been mad a little better.

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4/02/2010 - Bergen County PAC - Engelwood, NJ

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