2/08/10 – Amsterdam NL

Review by André Flipse (Switch to

After being at the London show two days earlier I knew what to expect from the concert. But what was different is that I was in the front, only 2 meters from the stage (while I sat at the balcony in London). I also recognised a few guys from the Eindhoven concert with Ethel standing behind me; one of these guys happened to live in the same city as I do.

Todd and his band played the same set (as expected) as in London. But, to my surprise, the public showed more enthusiasm than in London, especially at the Johnson set. In general the atmosphere was absolutely great, not that London was bad, but Amsterdam was in even better mood.

And of course: standing 2 meters from the stage was great.

And finnaly JOV, Damn.. it's over, but leaving a great memory behind.

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2/08/2010 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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