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We have been lucky in recent years to almost have an annual pilgrimage to a Todd Concert and my wife and I were really looking forward to this one. Actually, I was really looking forward to it as I remember getting the vinyl album back in the seventies and listening to it while fuelled by some dodgy home brew - my young wife was still in her pram so had a lot of todd catching up to do!

We thought the concert was fabulous. A shame the Johnson set wasn't on the concert 'stick' as it was great - I'd pay good money for a Todd blues album.

As we expected, the band was a tight unit and still seemed great friends after all these years. I could go on about the individual virtuosity of each member but it was the whole that was important and it ticked all the boxes. A faithful reproduction of the album which must have been tricky and asked for intense rehearsal but it was well worth it and it was good to see Michelle at the end joining in the vocals with Kasim.

A memorable night for all and good to see that real musicians can do the 'long term' as opposed to today's 'celebrity status' performers who can merely gesticulate, dance and mime to some awful stuff that will hit the discount rack in no time at all.

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2/06/2010 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, UK

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