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Never mind the Swines, my good friend Dan asserts that we need a T1R1 vaccine. No doubt. But I've got a fever now and I seemingly can't be cured. I recently was honored to witness the four Rundgren Radio sponsored California dates of the Extravaganza known as AWATS.

People, this show is Prom-like and special---From the marrow-churning buzz of the opening notes--this time I noticed Jesse with his arms out, mocking an airplane about to strafe the audience--to the visuals that give a feel to the music recalling Busby Berkeley, It's "like an amusement park ride" says Darnelle and that is exactly right.

TR himself calls it vaudeville. Any of us who grew up on the "Let's put on a show," mode of the old Little Rascals episodes are scratching our heads over any negative comments about the costumes, risers, etc. I don't want Celine Dion. I don't need a laser light show or Todd to be super-imposed doing a creepy life-like duet with Laura Nyro. I just want to go home with glitter in my bra and a half-melted candy kiss in my pocket, with my cranium slightly cracked from the hard rocking I've just been given.

And please excuse me, for a moment here, intellectual chicks and straight guys, I need to take a brief off-road to comment on the less-than-highbrow way we also enjoy this band. The arch of types, the panoply of adorable, smart, funny and talented Mystery Date icons, makes the whole show extra-entertaining on a Tiger Beat level.

Up on that stage, you have the Genius, the Jock, the Cute Guy from Biology class, the Nerd, the All-American boy, the Hearthrob and the Delinquent (and just like in "real life"---remember real life?---me neither, but---these assignations are fluid and wildly interchangeable).

And--in the end? The cutest Cheerleader of all comes bounding out to send the whole pep rally over the edge and you don't even hate her for being so awesome as you sing the school fight song with your classmates: "Hold that Line, Baby Hold that Line"

I'm an insanely lucky girl. I saw the maiden voyage of this show in the city of my birth last Labor Day weekend and I'm having the rare experience of watching it refine and change, always keeping my interest and moving my ass.

I just spent time in California, so I'm gonna blame this next thought on the new age mode out there... I know it's asserted that Positive Intention brings about Positive Occurrence ("just as action follows thought"?) and so I am Visualizing more North American dates for this incredible show. I'm massaging my temples while rocking back and forth, chanting : "South By Southwest Music Conference-Austin Texas, mid March, 2010-ooooohmmmmm"
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12/02/2009 - Crest Theatre - Sacramento, CA

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