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Well the day started at 5:00 AM EST with the radio going on & what do I hear? Open My Eyes just kicking off. This is going to be a good day! Philly airport and no wait for other planes ahead of us, amazing. Get to SFO and get upgraded to a Cowboy Poop de Ville. Can this get any better? Oh Yeah. Arrive in Sacramento and decide to do a little recon walk to the theatre. Well it must be all my clean living because a half block from the venue I run into O.H. himself. Todd was extremely gracious as he was on his way for a sound check but took time to hear me gush about what a great day I am having. He fills me in on the previous night in SF and how well it went with Ralph Schuckett now playing keys instead of Roger.

  Beautiful old theater with a kinda art deco feel to it. Maybe 800 sets and not very full, unfortunately. The first set was pure blues. 4 piece band with Prarie and Kas putting down the rhythm and Jesse accompanying Todd. No Utopia or TR songs. Seemed as if most of these standards, if not all, were Robert Johnson tunes that were broke down and re-arranged. Todd solos were incendiary and his voice sounded spot on.

  A brief intermission and it was time for the main event. From the opening strains of International Feel to the closing of JOV it was an aural and visual delight. Enough costume changes by Todd to make Cher go green with envy. The band seems to be very challenged by this music as there was very little interaction between the players, just pure concentration and it was validated by the accuracy with which they played. The faithful spent time between sitting and getting up to dance, but everyone got on their feet at Bobby’s request during Cool Jerk. At this point we were all whipped into a frenzy and most of us just grooved the rest of the way. Sound quality was very good but the lighting seemed to lack the wow factor that was in place in all other aspects.

  After having read so many rave reviews and, in particular, from my friend who turned me onto Todd 35 years or so ago I knew I had to make this trek. I am sooooo glad I made this trip. This show is a  MUST SEE for any Todd fans.

  Peter Chalverus Columbus, NJ

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12/02/2009 - Crest Theatre - Sacramento, CA

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