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Todd and the band got to play Arena in a huge arena,the Phila. Spectrum,I play the album constantly way too loud.Not too sure the Hall and Oates crowd were ready for it,they looked like they were in shock and awe and alittle scared.Todd and the band cranked it up for the best last show in that 40 year old Philly landmark,The Spectrum ,which was holding around 12,000 and it sold out in 1 day with retro 1967 prices of 4,5,6 dollars,most to see Hall and Oats.Todd seemed really pumped and did not disappoint the faithful.The other bands were lucky to share the same stage/night,I am so biased ,I think there is something wrong with me.They sounded great and did a shortened Arena set,skipped some songs.Some highlights were :Weakness,my fav,Gun,Strike with good audience doing their part with the fist up,Afraid, Mad,no Mountaintop,no encore,darn,time was too short for Todd as always.He did do Love in Action,Black Maria,Open My Eyes,I Saw the Light,and joked with the crowd a lot ,memories of Philly sound and the Spectrum and the old days of youth.Thanks again Todd and the band for making this happen ,always an honor to see the best musician on the planet,a true wizard /shining star,brighter with age and the best to all the faithful.

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10/23/2009 - Wachovia Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

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