Rochester 10/20

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Early on in the show, Todd told the crowd that he would “rock our socks off,” and he delivered on the promise. The band was tight, Prairie Prince was just amazing and jelled nicely with new bassist Sara Lee who did a fantastic job. Lee’s straight ahead thumping style jelled nicely with Prairie Princes powerhouse drumming.

Todd was in a great mood even though he admitted that his back was sore. This was the most I had seen Todd chat with the crowd since the solo acoustic/piano shows.

The material sounded fresh and the guitar work was stellar. The highlights of the night were a great version of “Courage” and a wonderful rendition of “Mountaintop.”

The venue was hot and the band seemed exhausted by the end of the show. They should have been exhausted because they worked hard to put on a tremendous show.

Met some great fans, new and old. Veggie, 4dog and Gregster all were there up front. I spent the evening next to a drunk guy from Ohio who claimed to have seen Todd over 200 times.

I did not wait to meet the band in the bar. Todd signed my poster on the way into the venue.

When I got home and took off my shoes I noticed that the socks I had put on in the morning had disappeared. Todd had rocked them off.

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10/20/2009 - German House Theater - Rochester, NY

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