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All I can say is, “what a day, what a show and what a good time after the show”!

My wonderful Todd filled day started off with me hopping on my scooter in the afternoon to see if by chance I can catch Todd or any others wandering in downtown Minneapolis. I lock up my scooter in front of the State, went for a walk, came around the first corner and low and behold it was like a Clint Eastwood movie! The street was clear of traffic, the sidewalk was clear of pedestrians except Todd walking towards me! Felt like we should have drawn our guns! But we drew our hands and shook, chatted for a bit, took a couple pictures and we went our separate ways.

Thanks Todd, you were most gracious and I completed my mission.

Now around 6:30 my dear friend and I headed to Rock Bottom. I must put in a plug for Rock Bottom. We walk in with limited time for a bite and a beer, (don't need much time for a beer) but we must eat. There was a table, but the hostess said there is no service at that table, you need to order from the bar. A waitress by the name of Amanda overheard this, came over to us and said you guys sit there, I will wait on you and she was great! She knew our time was limited and we were excited, it was written all over our faces! She got our beer (beers) food and our bill in a timely manner. She was so good that we told the manager. Hopefully we made her night, she added to ours. Thanks Amanda!

Sorry to say I did not meet up with any of the other Todd's that were there from the site, but now looking at a photo under photos/reviews, looks like they were at the other end of the bar, darn. But I did meet a lot of them in the State lobby during intermission, lots of great people but I am sorry, the only two I do remember by name are Lani and Mel. I am especially sorry that I do not remember the name of the women from Texas that came down and danced with me during "Cool Jerk". That was fun!

From the opening to the closing, Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Greg, Roger, Prairie and Bobby put out all they have for us in Minneapolis! ALL was great: lights, sound & show. You guys play like no tomorrow. It is such a pleasure to witness such musicianship. Music comes from the soul and you guys show you got soul and add all your heart to it too! It is too bad what music (if you call it that) has come to for many around the globe these days, but at least we Todd's have experienced Todd and the friends for all these years and to me, it looks like there is no slow down in sight. (I just wish my fellow Minneapolitans weren't so reserved, but at least were appreciative)

I am also glad to hear Todd has not lost his edge. (ARENA) I hope someday to see live!

I will always go and see a Todd and friends show with any friend I can recruit along the way until I am unable. Todd, maybe we can make the Guinness book of world records for oldest power rockers around someday!

Keep it up Todd, your desire fire is still burning strong!

A day and night my friend and I will never forget.

Rock on everyone and rock love to all!

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9/15/2009 - State Theatre - Minneapolis, MN

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