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Well, the last AWATS show for me. (boo hoo) Want so bad to go to MN but reality bites and I can't make it back in time for an appt. and it can't be changed. Shit! I love going to MN but it's just too far for me to drive by myself. Looking forward to those reviews.

Got in line early again and saw some regulars but a lot of new people that weren't at the show yesterday. The topic in line today was "Did you see the show last night?". I met a very nice young man (20) in line that flew in from Texas to see the show. His father raised him on Todd's music. He plays music as a hobby and was very interested in the equipment.

Kasim was the only one who was dropped off in front and he came over to talk to everyone, took pictures and signed a bunch of stuff. This women wanted her shirt signed and Kasim tried very hard to get her to whip out her boob so he could sign that instead, all the guys in line wanted to see that! She never gave in though.

They were late in letting us in again, I just wish when the say doors open at 6:30, they really open at 6:30!!! Another thing that pisses me off is people coming in the front of the line talking to someone they know and finishing their conversations and then they should go to the end of the line but they get there when the doors are about to open and just walk right in. So ignorant. I am not talking about saving a place in line for someone or taking turns in line, that's cool.

Anyway, there were other people from Texas and they had a meet & greet pass so they helped my new friend from Texas get his AWATS album signed with my red marker that Todd kept. The look on this young man's face after that happened was just priceless. I hope Todd knows this. It means ALOT to his fans. I was able to get in a front seat by the stage but I was worried about the camera guy as he was getting in the way of where I was sitting last night, blocking the view to see Todd.

Utopia came out (ok I know Prairie wasn't Utopia in the past but in my book he's just as great as Willie) Maybe one mistake but again it was UNBELIEVEABLE! I thought the sound was FANTASTIC and again very tight. My favorite is probably "Road To Utopia" and "Trapped" but honestly I love them all and could listen to them perform every single day! The Park West is a GREAT PLACE to see Todd and I truly hope he keeps on coming back to it. The camera guy blocked my view of Todd almost the whole set of Utopia but I was grateful that didn't happen during the AWATS show!!!

Todd was FANTASTIC AND HIS VOICE WAS AMAZING! I could see this show so many more times believe me. My favorite song is "I Don't Want To Tie You Down" besides "Does Anybody Love You" but I wish they would have put a spot light on Todd during that song! Love It! Kasim does a EXCELLENT job on "Does Anybody Love You"? His voice was very strong both nights. Todd was making fun of Kasim because he didn't take the microphone off from the stand. Then during "The Medley" (another big favorite) Todd went over by Kasim and had his head leaning on Kasim. It was pretty funny!!!

ALL THE GUYS were truly AMAZING in each of their own talents, it was FANTASTIC TO WATCH!!! Todd works his butt off! I was so sad that it was over but so happy that I got to witness this TRULY AMAZING SHOW 3 times! While waiting in line I offered the young man from Texas a ride to the airport as a cab ride would have been very expense, he was by himself, no hotel room and his flight was leaving the next morning and he was going to sleep at the airport! I was afraid for him!!! This was all planned by him and he saw no problem. He had bought the AWATS poster and asked me if we could stay after to see if Todd would come out and sign it. I put a time limit on it because the airport was north and I lived south and I didn't want to be too tired to drive home. Well, the time limit past and I just knew if we left he would come out shortly after. We first got to see Kasim, Roger, Bobby, Prairie, Greg, then Todd came out the wrong door (Yeah!) and he was surrounded! He was very kind and took pictures, signed stuff while he was trying to get to the van. I saw Rex in the van waiting for Todd, they were going to get something to eat. Everyone was just so darn happy that Todd did that for them. It was great to watch!

Off we went to the airport, no traffic (Yeah!), dropped him off in which I hope he got home ok and off I went. I was still so excited about the show I couldn't sleep! Todd, thanks for the memories!

Rock Love, Karen

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9/13/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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