AWATS in Chicago

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Both Chicago shows were fabulous, but the Sunday night show was a bit more special because I had a seat right next to the stage and it was very moving to be able to see Todd's baby blues (since he so often wears dark glasses). He has such a beautiful look of peace and wisdom in his eyes!

One thing happened to me tonight that added yet another dimension to my understanding of Todd. I was sitting across the table from someone who was just about as politically different from me as possible, and we both loved Todd. We both felt a deep connection to the music. We both were touched deeply by the heart and soul of this man.

While I'm so far over to the Left that I come pretty close to falling off the edge, and the friend across from me was quite a distance from that Leftern Edge, so to speak, we enjoyed each other's company and shared a moment together on this wonderful Road to Utopia.

Really really really cool!

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9/13/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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