Park West Sept 12, 2009 Review

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Thank you Todd for showing me yet another side of your genius. You amaze me. You are my favorite musician. [In fact, a few hours ago, I watched you sing “Expressway to Your Heart”-- something I never would have expected―on Daryl’s House. Amazing! I want to thank you for that here too!]

I had heard about AWATS’s concept before the show, so I wasn’t shocked as to what I saw on stage. O.K., I was a little bit, LOL. I kept wondering about any unsuspecting people who where there: What did they think?! This was no ordinary concert, but more a musical extravaganza! Todd worked his butt off on stage. So many songs, so many costumes, so much effort! Todd’s voice was wonderful (my favorite voice of all time) and the band was great―a real tribute to his music. And it was fun to see Michele on stage, singing and dancing!

One of the highlights for me was You Don’t Have to Camp Around because that is one of my favorite Todd songs. I used to make “Totally Todd” cassette tapes off of our albums and I would usually include that song. Why, I’m still not sure, but I love that song! The Motown Medley was killer, I Don’t Want to Tie You Down-another all-time fave (I only dreamed of ever seeing that one performed) and I loved When the Sh*t Hits the Fan. International Feel and its counterpart were fabulous-Great special effects! And Todd speaking about his Midnight Special garb and then wearing it on stage later was priceless!

Special thanks to Doug and Mel for taking the initiative to promote AWATS! Without your dreams and spirit, there would have never been AWATS in Chicago!

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9/12/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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