Park West/Sept. 12/Chicago

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What a beautiful day to wait in line for a Todd concert! Got to the Park West around 3 even though I knew I had a assigned seat - NOT! For some reason I just had a feeling that was not true and that's why I decided to wait in line. The Park West has always been GA but there were 3 different ticket prices and the day of the show when I called the box office the girl knew nothing but she was very kind and helpful.

The guy who was in front of me in line told me the story about the seats and I'm grateful I found out before I got in. We talked the whole time in line, saw great old friends, made new ones and listened to Todd. That's the great thing about waiting in line for Todd shows! The big subject was the Akron shows some people wanted to know and some people didn't. I understood but was dying to talk about it to everyone! It was tough!

We got in and security really didn't know what to do but I got up front about 3 seats back from the stage, excellent view!!! There were a few tech problems but nothing that Randy and the crew couldn't handle. The show finally started and Kasim, Prairie, Todd and Roger came out while the music from "Road To Utopia" started and the look on people's faces were priceless!!! It was great for me to enjoy the song this time since I was in a state of shock and don't remember to much of it in Akron!

What can I say but it was even better in Chicago than Akron. BUT in Akron being totally shocked and surprised with Utopia songs and seeing the AWATS show for the first time and that whole weekend will always be the best! The guys were much tighter in Chicago, Roger seemed more comfortable and I thought the sound was great.

Todd was not to happy about breaking a string and not getting his guitar back which you can't blame him unfortunately things happen. Todd's voice has just been AMAZING and the costumes are FANTASTIC and Todd being able to use the whole front of the stage was just UNBELIEVEABLE!!! All the guys PLAYED THEIR ASSES OFF TONIGHT! Love the white suits!!! EXCELLENT SHOW!

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!

Rock Love, Karen

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9/12/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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