AWATS Live in Chicago 09.12.09

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First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in making AWATS come to life in Chicago! I am still pinching myself three days later to make sure the show wasnt a dream. I feel very fortunate to have felt the impact of Todds music for many years, and also to be able to see one of my favorite LPs presented live.

Ill skip the review of technical aspects and my favorite song is and get right to the point. If you didnt get to see AWATS during this run, Id HIGHLY recommend spending the money to watch the archived shows. If that isnt possible, get the DVD when it comes out next year. Itll be worth the wait after all, how long did you wait to see AWATS performed live? I never thought the rumors of this being performed live would become a reality.

Highlights for me: Too many to list as Im still trying to get a handle on what I saw. Bobby Strickland's sax solo and Kasim Sulton singing "Does Anybody Love You" were moments that were worth the price of admission, in my mind. I was glad to see so many familiar faces, both on stage and in the crowd. At one point I looked around to see others expressing the same things tears, laughter, and wide-open mouths in awe!

This show is the real deal. Period. Thanks to Todd, all the great musicians, and Michelle for making yet another incredible musical memory that I will treasure always!

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9/12/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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