AWATS - Saturday, September 12, Chicago Park West

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A beautiful Saturday night in Chicago and the first of two performances from Todd and company made for a very special evening. It was a sell out crowd at the Park West. I couldn't help myself from checking out reviews and video from the Akron shows so it was no surprise that NUtopia was the opening act. What was a surprise however was the change in the set list! I doubt these guys had much time to rehearse this set so to change it up from night to night is an accomplishment by itself. I never expected to hear Abandoned City or The Ikon! It was a blast to see these guys rockin! As mentioned in previous reviews, the sound was a bit muddy and Kasim's vocal was not properly in the mix but still it was a great opening act.

AWATS was amazing! Zen Archer stood out the most mainly because of the smokin' hot sax that Bobby played while Jesse rocked his guitar into the next county. But the instrumental numbers like Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off were awesome too. I think I can understand why there are a limited number of shows. This concert is very demanding on every musician and by the end, Todd and company had to be exhausted. His voice was amazing.

I was thrilled to see the first of these two shows at the Park West because I don't know how these guys could possibly perform it a second night in a row with the same level of energy and enthusiasm. Truly amazing, history in the making!

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9/12/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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