Todd show at the Park West September 12th

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I flew in from Dallas to see this show and it exceeded my expectations. I was actually blown away. Utopia opening up the show was like being in a time warp. The guys looked and sounded as good as they did in the eighties. Roger please quit your day job and lets get the band back together!! I could not wipe the smile off my face as they went into such Utopian Standards like Caravan and Road to Utopia as well as some off the wall stuff like Abandon city and Libertine. Truly Amazing!! Kasim was great on Back on the Street, he said "I can't stand the strain of this job no more" and was looking right at Todd. "I make lots of money" Kaz was shaking his no and laughing.

I was so geeked up from the Utopia set that I really didn't know if they could amp this thing up anymore. Was I wrong. Mr. Rundgren went out of his way to make this show as special as possible. The energy of this 61 year old man is amazing as well as inspiring. I don't think Todd could play this show for weeks on end, he would be dead in three months. On of the best Rundgren shows ever I can't wait to see what Todd comes up with next.

If you missed this, you missed the best Rundgren/ Utopia tour in over 30 years.

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9/12/2009 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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