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Your friends, relatives and co-workers may fear you've been sucked into a cult- like religion, but no Todd fan yet has been moved to blow up a bus or fly a plane into a tower.( that we know of-----Patrick, I'm looking at YOU)

My thoughts on Thursday night, watching all of the love generated by this band is that on the eve of 9/11, we needed to be reminded that :

"If you don't know what to do about a world of trouble, you can pull it through if you need to and if you believe it's true it can surely happen... SHINING STILL-TO GIVE US THE WILL"

and so forth.

9 days, 4 shows, 1 big party, 37 small ones, slow elevators, wardrobe malfunctions, mountains of love, rivers of coffee,1 soul medley, rental cars, bread boxes, lucky pennies, shock, awe, sing-a-longs,archers, P.J.'s, wrong turns, webcasts, vinyl footwear, feathers, sunshine, nostalgia, drama and a Wizardly Peacock in a Buckeye tree--- I saw everything except the inside of my eyeballs and loved most every second of it.

Wake me in 4 hours and let's go again!!

The Notorious P.I.P.

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9/10/2009 - The Strathmore - Bethesda, MD

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