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Mere words are inadequate in describing the emotions and the event. The 2 1/2 hour walk-train-subway-bus-walk home was something/anything I would repeat in a heartbeat. The "opening act" - wow, the "opening act", had the place screaming as loud as I remember the crowd in Central Park screaming more years/decades ago then anyone would like to admit to. Yes, there were a few technical glitches. But the majority of the set overshadowed those problems a hundred-fold. "I can't believe I just heard them play that again" was a look my fellow concert-goers had in their eyes the entire set. And they nailed that song, and the other one, and especially those last two. Roger in fine voice as if he'd been touring regularly. Kasim played Kasim in a way only Kasim could play Kasim. Prairie sounded as tight as "(W)hat (W)as his name again? As for our fearless leader; there was a reason we fell in love with him in the first place. We were all reminded why... once again.


Oh yeah, and then there was the "featured act". WOW, the "featured act". The live performance of "A Wizard, A True Star" was simply put-unbelievably better than anyone (else) could have imagined it to be. One of the greatest musical experiences ANYONE could have been a part of.

This was incredibly special. I feel so privileged to have been there, yet upset that I only witnessed it once.

I hear Amsterdam is nice any time of the year. . .

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9/09/2009 - Stamford Center for the Arts - Stamford, CT

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