AWATS Tour Set List Akron ,OH 9-7-09

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OK the cats out of the bag Utopia is back!

Utopia Set: Staring- Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton, Todd Rundgren & Prarie Prince

1-Road To Utopia
2-Abandon City
3-Back On The Steet
4-Hammer In My Heart
6-The Ikon
8-The Last Of The New Wave Riders                                                                          

A Wizard A True Star Set List

Staring :Todd Rundgren,Kasim Sulton, Rodger Powell,Jesse Gress,Prarie Prince, Bobby Strickland& Greg Hawkes ( Michelle Rundgren on Todds wadrobe co-ordinator and vocals on JOV)

1-International Feel
2-Never Never Land
3-Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off
4-You Need Your Head
5-Rock & Roll Pussy
6-Dogfight Giggle
7-You Dont Have To Come Around
9-Zen Archer (Jesse & Bobby Strickland jam - call and response/back and forth)
10-Just Another Onionhead/ Dolly Dont Cry
11-Sometimes I Dont Know ( out of order from album to build momentum)
12-Does Any Body Love You (Sang by Kasim) (Le Internationale Feel skipped till end)
13-Meledy: Im So Proud- Ohh Ohh Baby Baby (I cried) - La La La Means I Love You/Cool Jerk
14- Im Hungry For Love
15- I Dont Want To Tie You Down ( I just broke up with my fiance' -I cried again- both nites)
16-Is It My Name ( Glitter Todd- Holy Shit-now I can die)
17-When The Shit Hits The Fan ( Fool GTR through out this show) OMG!!
18-Le Feel Internationale ( Utopia is here, again!!)
19-Just One Victory
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9/07/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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