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The kiddies and I had been looking forward to this show the entire Summer. They were really impressed by the Civic Theater, and I have always been enamored with the place ( first ever concert: '74 King Crimson, and first Todd show, '77 RA ).

I had heard there was to be a special opening act and didn't really feel like catching an opening act. We were there to see Todd. So we grabbed our seats late an and had to wait just a few minutes before the lights dimmed. I was really floored to hear the opening music to the "Adventures in Utopia" album. Great idea guys. Really enjoyed the music. Especially the IKON and Last of the New Wave Riders. On Monday, Kasim just smoked the bass portion near the ending on the IKON. Even Todd was impressed.

The energy the first night would be near impossible to recreate. Thanks to everyone in attendance and on the stage. We stood the entire show and it was really great seeing my 12 year old daughter dancing and singing and bouncing to some of her favorites and getting down on the "Cool Jerk" groove. I had to choke back some tears more than a few times that evening. Putting "WTSHTF/ Sunset Blvd." and "Le Feel Internationale" towards the ending of show set a great pace. Brilliant. The last 5 performed songs were absolute killer. Wow.

We changed things up and sat in the front row balcony the second night. The clouds moving against the night stars is a very cool affect I have never seen elsewhere. The second night didn't have the attendance nor some of the energy, and there were actually more technical glitches than the first. Todd seemed a bit pissed at first but of course got back to a good space, feeding off the crowd. We enjoyed the show immensely. It was an event that won't be forgotten.

Any tickets left for Chicago Saturday? utopiajunkie@gmail.com

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9/06/2009 - Akron Civic Theater - Akron, OH

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